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This book was written to help children understand the concepts of change, loss, farewells, and endings. It was also written to encourage children to discuss their thoughts and emotions about these events with parents and teachers.

It contains beautifully illustrated examples of ‘Goodbye’ moments that children can identify with. The calming colours and gentle, reassuring words, combine to help children understand that loss is a part of life.

When we say goodbye, it’s ok to feel sad, but the memories remain in our hearts and minds forever.

The characters in the illustrations tell a story, can you discover what that is? What does the balloon represent? All is revealed at the end of the book.

Happy reading!

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Secrets Of The Book Revealed


About the book Saying Goodbye.

It was very important for my book to cover scenarios that were both positive and negative. The story will allow you to discuss how it feels to say goodbye and how your child might feel if that situation happened to them.

You can read it as a story, or you can read it and then discuss what might be happening to the characters in the book.

”Saying Goodbye” gets that conversation started while children are young. The cover image has lots of small illustrations to look at and discuss. Did you notice how many things were on the canopy of the balloon?

There are also tiny balloon illustrations on many of the pages. I hope your child finds them. The balloons are there for a reason which will be revealed at the end of the book.

As you read the story to your child, you’ll discover that some of the children in the book are experiencing some sad goodbyes. These children will eventually reappear in the park where everyone is happy. Perhaps your child can find them with you!

Somewhere in that park are two young girls. The girls previously had to say goodbye to each other and that made them very sad. How did they stay in touch? Can you figure it out? (*hint*) Follow the red balloons throughout the story!

The sad little boy who moved to a new neighbourhood is there too, but he’s now happy while playing with his new neighbour.

The unhappy little girl from the pier is there as well, and she’s happy because she’s with her dad again.

If you look at the original illustrations carefully, you’ll find that there are clues on each page to help you figure out each character’s story.

The double page “park” illustration, shows young children that some things CAN work out in time, even after a sad goodbye.

BTW did you notice the name of the park?

I felt that it was important for children to understand that being unhappy didn’t have to last forever, so these pages were illustrated with that in mind.

There are also four framed illustrations in this book. I hope these images provide an opportunity to talk about “emotions” with your child.

An important illustration towards the end of the book shows an older lady knitting. Who might she be? The children are contented. Is it their grandmother? Perhaps your child can explain to YOU what they think is happening here. Two of the small balloons that I mentioned earlier are in this illustration, can you find them?

You might also want to pay close attention to the small dog in the illustration. It appears again at the end of the book to show that time had passed. Something looks very different about the dog; what could it be?

The final pages show that the older lady is no longer in the story. Where did she go? The blanket had been finished and the season has changed because the trees now have their leaves back. You might like to look at these final illustrations closely to see what else you can find happening.

The children are older as we approach the end of the story. They are in someone’s garden; what’s happening in this illustration?

The secret of the balloon is revealed at the end of the book.

The final page was designed to show that memories of things that have been lost to children are continually being collected for safekeeping by the magical balloon on the cover.

The book’s message is that our loved ones will ALWAYS be remembered in our hearts, and those memories will remain there forever.



Disclaimer: The book Saying Goodbye is a fictional story about learning to let go. Any comments made on my blog or affiliated websites are only intended to provide general information regarding the book’s purpose. It is not in any way to meant be used in place of professional advice on grief and loss for children.

Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye